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Separated at birth 1000 years ago!

Its not everyday that you get to meet someone with whom you share a common male ancestor from approximately 1000 years ago. The accompanying picture is of Joe Dooley (right) and I (Dr Tyrone Bowes) and our

Slides from my talks on Irish DNA in Seattle and Portland

Had a great time in Portland and Seattle on my mini speaking tour of the Pacific Northwest, even managed to make a brief appearance on Seattle TV.

How Commercial Ancestral DNA Testing Can Pinpoint Your Galway Origins

I recently gave a talk on commercial ancestral DNA testing that was aimed at encouraging Galwegians to participate.

Finding Your Paternal Ancestral Genetic Homeland

Sometimes a quite remarkable Y-DNA Case Study comes along that I will try my best to get published in a Genealogical magazine.

Using Your DNA to Trace Your Scots-Irish Ancestors

I recently completed one of the most in-depth genetic genealogy Case Studies for a gentleman based on the Isle of Man called Bill Henderson.

Irish Origenes Presentation in Coleraine November 2013

It was with great pleasure that I gave a talk to the Coleraine Branch of the North of Ireland Family History Society (

First MURPHY Y-DNA Case Study Added!

About 1 in every 100 people in Ireland is called Murphy.

Irish Origenes Magazine Articles and Scientific Papers


Feb 2014: 'How To Find Your Genetic Homeland' in Family Tree Magazine (Full article can be read here)

Oct 2013: ‘What Can Your Genes Tell About You’ in Family History at your Fingertips a Magazine-Book published by Family Tree Magazine.

Irish Origenes Presentations/Talks/Workshops

  • May 2015: Pinpointing you Kelly origins at the Kelly Clan Gathering (to be confirmed)
  • January 17th 2015: Fermanagh Family History Society (contact
  • October 2014: Genetic Genealogy Ireland, Back to Our Past, RDS, Dublin Ireland. 
  • 24th-27th September 2014: 'Genetic Genealogy' at the 'Route Back Home Event,' Ballymoney Museum, County Antrim, Northern Ireland (contact:

Irish Origenes Presentation at Genetic Genealogy Ireland

On Saturday 19th of October I gave a presentation at the Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2013 event at the RDS in Dublin, Ireland.


English Origenes

Scottish Origenes