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The Castles of Ireland Map


This is the first Map of its kind! It details the name and precise location of nearly 1,400 Castles in Ireland. It details the Irish, Norman, Gallowglass, Scottish, or Viking Clan or Family historically associated with each castle. It also details the location of 16th and 17th Century Plantation Bawns. It provides precise coordinates for each castle and is an excellent resource for those wishing to visit castles associated with their ancestors. Simply input the coordinates into your Sat Nav and visit your ancestral castle. The castle locations are set on a background map of Ireland showing the colour coded Clan Territories of over 400 of the most prominant Clans and Families in Medieval Ireland. Press the 'Add to cart' button to order (price includes postage and packaging). Click here to preview. This map is exclusive to Irish Origenes, you will not find it anywhere else! Scroll down and click 'Add to Cart' to purchase.

Price: $29.99
Dimensions: 36 in × 42 in × 0 in

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