There are 3 types of commercial DNA tests; the Y-DNA, mtDNA and Autosomal. The Y-DNA test ONLY explores the paternal line, the mtDNA test ONLY explores the maternal line, while the Autosomal DNA test explores all of ones DNA. Testing is painless, and the results of those tests are NOT RANDOM! For example, upon Y-DNA testing one will only match males with whom one shares a common male ancestor, but the surnames of those males will be different. Those surnames are in fact a snapshot of the surnames that arose among a tribal groups of related males living in a specific location approximately 1,000 years ago (when surnames first appeared). Since surnames still concentrate in the area where they first appeared, Irish Origenes will examine the origin of the surnames that appear in your Y-DNA results, identify an area common to all, and pinpoint an origin within Ireland for your paternal line! To read a sample Irish Y-DNA Case Study CLICK HERE. Pinpointing an origin for ones maternal line is trickier, as the surname is not usually passed maternally. However, the ancestral information recorded by your maternal genetic relatives who are revealed in an mtDNA test are NOT RANDOM! Irish Origenes will examine that ancestral information and reveal precisely where your Irish maternal ancestors lived. To read a sample Irish mtDNA Case Study CLICK HERE. In contrast, the Autosomal DNA test looks at 'bits' of all your DNA (from all your ancestral lines over the last 200 years). At Irish Origenes we can examine those results, identify DNA 'hotspots' within Ireland and then link each of your Irish ancestral surnames with their DNA identifiied Irish locations! To read a sample Irish Autosomal DNA Case Study CLICK HERE.

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