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How our DNA is rewriting the history of Ulster

Irish Origenes Plantation Surnames of IrelandIntroduction (May 2022)

From Gaul to Irish Gael to Scots Gael to Lowland Scot to Gaelic Irish!

A commercial ancestral Y-DNA test ONLY explores the paternal line, and it can therefore be used to pin one’s direct male ancestors to specific locations at specific time points in history.

Feranokelle (O'Kelly Territory)

'When he came to Tyrconnell the inhabitants took off his head, because they would not have their country discovered.' Such was the fate of the English Map Maker 

Pinpointing your Irish Origin 'DO IT YOURSELF' You Tube tutorial!

Irish and Scottish DNA compared

Irish and Scottish Origenes Y-DNA Case Studies and reconstructed ethnicity mapOct 2021. Scotland and Ireland are close neighbours, and it is no surprise that commer

New Website launched dedicated to the Origenes Maps!

Irish and Scottish Origenes have launch a NEW FREE website ( dedicated to the Origenes maps series, where one can zoom in and

The benefits of SNP testing!

(Updated December 2021) When commercial DNA testing began it focused completely on Y-DNA STR testing. While Y-DNA STR results can routinely be used to pinpoint a paternal origin

Irish DNA

A NEW history of the human colonisation of Ireland as revealed by commercial ancestral Y-DNA testing (UPDATED Oct 2021).

Linking DNA and Irish Placenames

In about 10% of Irish Y-DNA Case Studies it is possible to link one's paternal ancestors to a single Irish townl

The Ferocious O’Flaherty (A DNA Case Study)

I live in Galway City, and it is said (on many websites) that the medieval walls of Galway City carried the inscription ‘From the ferocious O’Flahertys O Lord Deliver Us.’ There was never such a sign, it is a local myth!


English Origenes

Scottish Origenes