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Irish Migration
UPDATED 2020 Humans first arrived in Ireland around 10,000 years ago after the last ice age. It is believed that their... More
Analysis of Sullivan Surname
UPDATED APRIL 2020. Approximately 66% of the present population of the Island of Ireland are descendants of ‘Native... More

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Irish Origenes Presentation at Family Tree DNA Conference

I was invited by the world's largest commercial ancestral DNA testing Company 'Family Tree DNA' to give a talk entitled 'Pinpointing a Geographical Origin' at their

The Gallowglass 'Do You Belong To A Warrior Clan'


Irish Origenes exhibits at ESOF2012

I recently exhibited the Irish, Scottish, and English Origenes websites at the ESOF 2012 confe

Using DNA to Pinpoint Your Irish Genetic Homeland

To explain how DNA can shed light on one’s Irish ancestry requires a brief reminder of a crucial biological event. This event is the moment of conception, the point at which we receive half of our DNA in the form of chromosomes from each parent.

Castles of Ireland illustrates the extent of Norman settlement in Ireland

This is an early image from my days making the Castles of Ireland map.

Criteria for the Surnames of Ireland database

In the course of this website I have had some emails from those involved in surname groups questioning the accuracy of some maps. I have used 2 sources in making these maps: (1) 1911 census of Ireland (2) MacLysaghts book: 'The Surnames of Ireland.' As a scientist I am trained to look for, or spot paterns emerging in the results. With surnames that pattern can reflect ethnicity. For example Irish Surnames (lets say those of Gaelic Irish origin) typically begin with O' or Mac, people with these 'Irish Surnames' are also typically over 90% Catholic in 1911.

The Castles of Ireland Map

This detailed map shows the precise location of nearly 1,400 Castles in Ireland with a known association to 500 of the most prominant Irish, Norman, Gallowglass, S

1st blog!

Just submitted a paper to the Journal of Genetic Genealogy. Hopefully it will make the Spring Edition! Running title;

Surname Matches from Commercial Y Chromosome Testing of Individuals with Irish Ancestry provide a Snapshot of their Medieval Relatives and Neighbours and can Pinpoint their Genetic Homeland.

Tyrone Bowes PhD 

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Surnames - The Science

UPDATED APRIL 2020. Approximately 66% of the present population of the Island of Ireland are descendants of ‘Native Irish Gaels' who were themselves a fusion of prehistoric and Celtic peoples who occupied the Island virtually uninterrupted until the Vikings arrived in 795 AD.


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