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Irish Migration
UPDATED 2020 Humans first arrived in Ireland around 10,000 years ago after the last ice age. It is believed that their... More
Analysis of Sullivan Surname
UPDATED APRIL 2020. Approximately 66% of the present population of the Island of Ireland are descendants of ‘Native... More

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Top 10 Irish Surnames

At the start of King Henry VIII's reign in England, his Irish Kingdom was essentially under the control of hundreds

Dunlough Castle 'a real life Helm's Deep'

Dunlough castle (castle no.996 on the Castles of Ireland Map) has to be the one of t

Kildavnet Castle; The Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley and Achill Island

Kildavnet Castle (castle number 1010 on the Castles of Ireland Map) sits quite a

New 'Hand' Case Study Added

When I get a reply to a Case study like the one below, I know I made the right decision in putting the Irish Origenes website together:

Castles of Ireland illustrates the extent of Norman settlement in Ireland

This is an early image from my days making the Castles of Ireland map.

Ireland's answer to the great wall of China?

While plotting over 1,375 castles in Ireland for the Castle of Ireland Map, one stuck

Criteria for the Surnames of Ireland database

In the course of this website I have had some emails from those involved in surname groups questioning the accuracy of some maps. I have used 2 sources in making these maps: (1) 1911 census of Ireland (2) MacLysaghts book: 'The Surnames of Ireland.' As a scientist I am trained to look for, or spot paterns emerging in the results. With surnames that pattern can reflect ethnicity. For example Irish Surnames (lets say those of Gaelic Irish origin) typically begin with O' or Mac, people with these 'Irish Surnames' are also typically over 90% Catholic in 1911.

New 'Hickey' Case Study Added

I always ask my customers to allow me to publish online their Case Studies, and thank you to Mr Hickey for allowing me to do this. The objective is 2 fold; Firstly everyone's DNA story is different and the more examples that can be put on the website the more people can understand the process and apply this technique to their own DNA results. Secondly I hope it will encourage more people to take the DNA tests, as at the end of the day the findings from each of these Case Studies can be confirmed through DNA testing.

National Archives of Ireland adds link to Irish Origenes website

The data used to construct the surname distribution maps (nearly 5,000) was taken from the 1911 census of Ireland.

Discover Northern Ireland links Irish Origenes

There is now a link to the Irish Origenes website from the Discover Northern Ireland Tourist board.


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