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Irish Migration
UPDATED 2020 Humans first arrived in Ireland around 10,000 years ago after the last ice age. It is believed that their... More
Analysis of Sullivan Surname
UPDATED APRIL 2020. Approximately 66% of the present population of the Island of Ireland are descendants of ‘Native... More

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Irish Origenes features on Irish Roots magazine Facebook page

I am very greatful to Irish Roots for helping in spreading the word on their Facebook page. The more Irish people who choose to take a DNA test, the more there are who will successful pinpoint their 'Irish Genetic Homeland.' The Irish Origenes Facebook page is under construction and I hope to add to it shortly.

Irish Clan Map and Castles of Ireland Map now available

At last!

The Genetic Homeland featured on Irish American News

The Internet never stops surprising me! Within minutes of releasing an email notifying some papers, journals, websites of the freely accessible databases on the Irish Origenes website, a picture of me and my boys appears on the Irish American News webpage, that was quick, the article can be read here.

Tourism Ireland has added a link to Irish Origenes site

After all my hard work I am very pleased that Tourism Ireland has linked to my website smiley. I am hoping that I can get a similar link from the UK tourist boards for both Scottish and English Origenes websites.

Irish Origenes on Facebook

Irish Origenes can now be found on Facebook please feel free to come visit, comment and post suggestions! All feedback is much appreciated!

Interview for

Go to The Wild Geese blog to see my latest interview! 

The Castles of Ireland Map

This detailed map shows the precise location of nearly 1,400 Castles in Ireland with a known association to 500 of the most prominant Irish, Norman, Gallowglass, S

Clan Map of Ireland

Free Surnames of Ireland Map for new members

Now available the most comprehensive Clan map of Ireland (free for members, $29.99 which includes postage for non-members).

Clan map of Ireland

Not Had a DNA Test Yet?

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