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Case Studies

An Irish Autosmal DNA Case Study September 2019

Discover how Irish Origenes can identify DNA hotspots within Ireland from your Autosomal DNA test results, and how they link your Irish ancestral surnames with each DNA revealed location!

An Irish mtDNA Case Study December 2020

Discover how commercial ancestral mtDNA testing can pinpoint where your Irish 'Female' line originated! 

Bowes Y-DNA Case Study Updated APRIL 2020

This is the original Y-DNA Case Study that led to the creation of Irish Origenes! Read the most up to date DNA findings!

O'Brien Y-DNA Case Study Updated December 2021

There are an estimated 16 distinct Irish Clans that used the O'Brien Surname. Find out how your DNA can reveal which O'Brien Clan you may be related to and whether you have a Royal Irish connection!

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes