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Case Studies

Gortlassabrien and the Thomond O'Briens

There are an estimated 16 distinct Irish Clans that used the O'Brien Surname. Find out how your DNA can reveal which O'Brien Clan you may be related to and whether you have a Royal Irish connection!

Irish McCauley of Inishowen

The McCauley surname can be of Scottish or Irish origin. The only way to detrmine precisely where your McCauleys originated is to take a DNA test and explore the surnames of the people you match! Read the full DNA Case study to discover how!

First MURPHY Y-DNA Case Study Added!

There are at least 500,000 Murphys worldwide, but only one who can pinpoint where his ancestors lived with scientific certainty. Click below to read his Y-DNA Case Study report!

The Kelleys of Glan or Gloun Cross in County Cork!

From the sustomer; 'I must say I find your method fascinating and wonder how  you thought to come up with it. I'm sure it helps many people locate their origins.'

McTee Case Study 'From ancient Breifni'

From Mr Cassidy (who commissioned the report); 'Thanks so much for your help. What a neat read. I forwarded the report to my father-in-law, he says the report is great and can be shared!


From S. Chrisman; 'Thank you, we are planning a trip in 2014 and can't wait to visit the areas you mentioned in your report!'

Kelly Case Study 'The Kelly's of Kilkelly in East Mayo'

From Mr Kelly; 'I'll be in Ireland in May and plan to visit the "homeland" you found for me.'

The Boyles Case Study 'Gaels from the far Northwest'

From Mr Boyles; 'I really enjoyed the report. I am really wanting to visit Ireland and see where my ancestors came from (as revealed by the Case Study). Please feel free to use my case study.'

Durkin Case Study 'Gaels of Connaught'

From Mr Durkin: 'I'm excited that you were able to find a townland with my surname that is within the region where these (reoccurring) surnames are found.  I estimate that it is about 25-30km from Laghtmacdurkan to where my father was born!'

Mr Kirk's Case Study... 'The MacKnagh's of Derry'

From Mr Kirk... 'Received yor report ... very interesting report!'


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