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Irish Migration
A Brief History of the Human Colonisation of Ireland Humans first arrived in Ireland around 10,000 years ago after the... More
Analysis of Sullivan Surname
Approximately 66% of the present population of the Island of Ireland are descendants of ‘Native Irish Gaels' who were... More

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Case Studies

O'Rourke Case Study 'a Clan within a Clan'

From Mr O'Rourke: Wow...fascinating stuff, Tyrone. So the hunt for distant relatives near Kiltyclogher begins!

O'Neal Case Study

From Mr O'Neal: Thanks for getting the report out to me.  It is very interesting and really starts me thinking! 

Egan (Number 2) Case Study 'The Vikings?'

From Mrs Egan-O'Keeffe: 'we would be flattered to have you publish this case study..... the careful job you did is impressing some folks....You saved me weeks, maybe months of research'

Terry Case Study 'Evidence of Gallowglass Ancestry'

From Mr Terry: 'Thanks Tyrone. A very scientific approach.'

Kiely Case Study 'The Normans'

From Mr Kiely: 'Thanks again for a well done report'

Hart Case Study

From Mr Hart: 'I have read your report and find it very interesting.' Thank you very much......

Hand Case Study

From Mr Hand 'Your case study has resolved a major question in our family as to our origins'

Hickey Case Study 'Scots-Irish'

This is one of the more recent Case Studies that would fit well under both the Scottish and Irish Origenes websites. Hickey is undoubtedly of Irish origin but like the vast majority of people today the test subjects distant ancestry was a mystery with suggestions of a possible link to Ireland. What the DNA revealed was very interesting and points to an explanation for the association with Ireland. 

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Bell Case Study 'Scots-Irish'

Colm Bell’s founding ancestor, the first to take the Surname ‘Bell’ was living in Dumfriesshire in Scotland close to the turbulent Scottish and English border. It was here that the Norman family called Bell (originally Fitzbell) held sway in almost constant low level warfare with other Scots and English families known as the border Reivers. The Norman Bell’s eventually became indistinguishable from other Scottish Clans with a Clan Chief and a Clan territory although as lowland Scots they probably never spoke Gaelic. How Colm’s ancestors ended up in Ireland...

Egan (Number 1) Case Study 'Native Gael'

In about 800AD Ireland became the first European Country to adopt inherited Paternal Surnames. However, after 1,200 years there is only a 50% chance that you will still have the original or similar sounding Surname to your founding ancestor. In Colin’s case he still retains the Surname of his founding ancestor, who in Gaelic was called MacAodhagain (son of Egan).


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