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About the Databases


At present there are 2 databases. The Surnames database consisting of over 4,500 Irish surname distribution maps CLICK HERE. The data used to compile each image was obtained from the 1911 census of Ireland. The maps can be browsed alphabetically or you can enter a surname to search. The image will detail whether the surname is believed to be of Native Irish, Viking, Norman, Gallowglass, or later Scottish or English origin. If the surname is of Native Irish origin then details are provided on the estimated number of Clans that use a common surname, the location of the ‘Genetic Homelands,’ and where possible the known genetic cousins/related Clans. The surname distribtion maps should ONLY be used as a guide to locate a surname on the 2nd Edition of the Irish Medieval Surnames Map (CLICK HERE) or on the first ever Plantation Surnames (Scots-Irish) map (CLICK HERE). 

The Surnames database will be replaced in 2021 with more accurate 'farmer cluster' maps.

The second database is called the Castles database. There are over 1,400 castles, towerhouses and Plantation bawns that I have identified in Ireland. The interactive castles map details the name and precise location of each castle CLICK HERE. You can zoom in and explore. These Castle locations were used to reconstruct this Clan Map of Ireland (CLICK HERE).The precise coordinates for all Castles AND their historically associated Irish, Norman or Scottish Clans and Families can be found on the Castles of Ireland Map (CLICK HERE). 

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes