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Commercial ancestral DNA testing reveals the Genetic Diversity of Ireland

The power of commercial ancestral DNA testing continues to amaze me. Firstly the test can reveal when your ancestors arrived in Ireland; in pre-historic times, as part of migrating Celtic tribes, as a Viking warrior, conquering Norman, mercenary Scot, or even as a later Scots and English Planter. If your Irish ancestors were of Celtic stock (there is a 60% chance that he was) then the DNA results can potentially pinpoint precisely where (to within a specific townland) your direct male ancestor lived when he picked his surname over 1000 years ago!

But there is a catch as only 50% of males with a particular surname will still (after 1000 years) have the surname of a founding surname 'Adam.' The other 50% of males will have acquired a surname as a result of adoption or infidelity over the 1000 years since the surname first appeared. So if you are male and your surname is Sullivan there is a 50% chance that you are still directly descended from the Sullivan 'Adam' the first guy to take that surname over 1000 years ago. While there is a 50% chance that your association with the surname is a result of an adoption or infidelity that has occured over the 1000 years! The DNA test will reveal which 50% you belong to! That is probably what makes DNA testing so interesting as you simply cannot know until you take a test. Whats even more interesting is that if you belong to the 50% of people who's DNA does not match their surname then you can discover what, where, when and with whom it occurred. Your DNA may originate from a Viking or Norman, or an adoption among neighbouring Clans. For example if your surname is Sullivan but your DNA matches are to McCarthy's it may well simply be that an adoption has occurred between these neighbouring Clans.

To date I have detected all of the ethnicities associated with Ireland (Gaels, Viking, Norman, Gallowglass, and Planters). These findings are always unexpected by the test subjects for whom I do these Case Studies as a commercial service! So if you are contemplating an ancestral DNA test keep an open mind and expect the unexpected (sins of the fathers fathers fathers father etc...). There are a range of Case Studies on the website that act as a guide. The accompanying map shows the location of the ancestors as pinpointed by the DNA and their ultimate origin (Gael, Viking etc..). To view these Case Studies click here. If you are interested in a commercial ancestral DNA test then email me and I can advise on how to proceed ( Or if you have had a commercial ancestral DNA test and are simply tring to make sense of the results then drop me an email as I do a free consultation. You are only charged if I can work with your results and you choose to proceed with a personalised Case Study.

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