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Cork Surnames part II 'Norman Surnames'

County Cork in the southwest of Ireland was effective conquered and settled by the Normans, and their English, Welsh and Flemish allies. As a result there are many surnames associated with the Normans to be found today in County Cork. In this image each surname has been placed in the area where farmers with a surname cluster in 1911. The most notable of these surnames being Walsh (which literally translates as Welshman), Barry, Roche, White, Hayes, Barrett, and Lynch. The size of the font reflects the number of individuals with a particular surname.

I have estimated that about 12% of the people currently living in Ireland have a surname that arrived with the Normans in 1169 AD. Many of these families after hundreds of years had become 'more Irish than the Irish' adopting the Irish language, laws and customs. If you would like to read about how I determined whether a surname was of Norman origin click here. If you are interested in the Normans and the story of their arrival in Ireland I recommend reading; 'The Norman invasion of Ireland' by Richard Roche. 

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes