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The Durkin Case Study 'Pinpointing a specific location with very few matches!'

Mr Durkin contacted me feeling pessimistic about his chances of pinpointing an origin for his Irish ancestors based on his commercial ancestral DNA test results! He informed me that he matched only 4 other individuals at the 37 marker level from Y-DNA testing (that's not a lot when you think that the database contains the results of in excess of 200,000 people). He sent me a screenshot of his nearest matches (click on the little image in the top left of this article). When I viewed these surname I felt even more pessimistic about his chances but I decided to proceed. Three of his closest surname matches are associated with Ireland; Corcoran (Gaelic Irish origin), Jordan (Norman origin), and MacIntyre (of Scots Gallowglass origin). When I plotted where farmers with these surnames (and Durkan) lived in Ireland in 1911 I was stunned to see all four clustering close together in a specific part of Ireland.

Whats even more amazing is that they cluster close to a townland called 'Laghmacdurkan.' This Townlands name indicates that it holds special significance for the Durkin Clan being the possible burial place of its Chieftains! What it also highlights is that the method of pinpointing an origin for one's Irish ancestors can be automated (based on the databases I have created; surnames, castles, and placenames). The complete Durkin DNA Case Study Can be downloaded by clicking here. If you have had A commercial ancestral Y-DNA test and would like a consultation then click here to contact me, consultations are free and do not be worried that you have too few matches! A big thank you to Mr Durkin for allowing me to publish his results!

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