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First MURPHY Y-DNA Case Study Added!

About 1 in every 100 people in Ireland is called Murphy. If one considers that there are at least 50 million people with Irish ancestry worldwide then Murphys account for 500,000 of the Irish Diaspora. That’s potentially one big Clan, however by plotting where Murphy farmers lived in 1911 it reveals that there are at least 18 clusters, and hence at least 18 distinct (unrelated) Murphy Clans found throughout Ireland from whom anyone with the Murphy surname can be descended from! When a surname is as common as Murphy it may be impossible to trace one’s Murphy ancestors using conventional genealogical (paper trail) methods, just try searching for Patrick Murphy’s in census data!

But modern science means that one can now use one’s own DNA together with commercial ancestral DNA testing to ‘Pinpoint’ where one’s Murphy ancestors originated. Click here to download the first Murphy Y-DNA Case Study to be published on the Irish Origenes website. In this report I set out to show that regardless of how common one thinks one surname is, that the Y-DNA test results are so sensitive that in Ireland it can pinpoint to within a specific townland where ones direct male ancestor lived when he first picked his surname approximately 1000 years ago. There are over 60,000 townlands (placenames) in Ireland which predate the arrival of the Normans in 1169AD. Many of these townlands reflect the Clans that originated or families that settled there. In this Murphy Case Study I managed to pinpoint his paternal ancestors to the appropriately named ‘Ballymurphy.’ Since this is a purely scientific approach to answering the eternal question of where do I come from, the link to the pinpointed area can be confirmed by Y-DNA testing Murphys who still live and farm close to Ballymurphy.

Regardless of how rare or common you think your surname may be, and if you have had a Y-DNA test drop me an email ( for your free consultation! There is an 80% success rate for those with Irish ancestry. I also do Scots, English, and Welsh Y-DNA consultations. Where will your DNA take you?

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