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How Commercial Ancestral DNA Testing Can Pinpoint Your Galway Origins

I recently gave a talk on commercial ancestral DNA testing that was aimed at encouraging Galwegians to participate. The idea being that the more locals that participate then more of the Irish Diaspora will be able to rediscover their Irish origins using the DNA results, who will in turn have more of an incentive to come visit, which will in turn boost tourism and the local economy. Click here to download and view the slides from the talk (unfortunately there was no audio recording).

In addition, the more people that participate, the more information one obtains regarding the human settlement of Galway (and of course Ireland). Just recently it has been discovered that some of the first settlers in what is today Galway City; the descendants of the Galway O'Hallorans Clan, were infact Gaelic Irish from the far Northwest of Ireland. The O'Halloran surname translates as 'strangers from across the sea,' which everybody believed was a reference to their Viking ancestry (see accompanying image). Together with Adrian Martyn I hope to be able to uncover the origins of the merchant families of Galway City known as the 'Tribes.' These families (see Clan territories image) were a diverse mix of Gaels, Normans, English, Welsh, and French. In addition in the next Galway Museum talk I hope to be able to give some results on the descendants of the Norman 'Butler Families' that dominated much of Connacht.

If you have the results of a commercial ancestral DNA test and would like a free consultation on those results then you can contact me here.

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