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Ireland's answer to the great wall of China?

While plotting over 1,375 castles in Ireland for the Castle of Ireland Map, one stuck out like a sore thumb! Quite literally! Its shape can be clearly defined from satelite imagery on Google Earth. It is Lohort Castle and it was built initially by the McCarthy Clan and added to by the Earl of Egmont (Percivals'). The Green pin in the first photo is the castle at the centre, the red line is a 1km marker, which gives one an idea of the size of the area involved. I cannot tell whether the whole complex is quite literally surrounded by the remnants of a defensive wall? From what I can gather the walls of the castle itself are 10 feet thick at the bottom and 6 feet thick at the top. It has survived everything that was thrown at it (again quite literally). There is a later Gatehose that was built by the Percivals (Earl's of Egmont) who's coat of arms are still visible above the gatehouse doorPercival crest above Gatehouse. The castle is still lived in, or at least it was on sale a few years ago.  If anyone has more details on this fascinating structure please email me and I will gladly share it with others

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