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Irish Clan Map and Castles of Ireland Map now available

At last! I have received the first batch from the printers of the first ever Irish Clan Map and the Castles of Ireland Map.  The photographs give an idea of their size. I am about 5 feet 5 inches tall, so that may make them appear larger than they actually are! In the Clan Map there are over 400 Clans and families featured. These include Irish or Gaelic Clans (shaded green), Norman Families (yellow, orange, brown shades), Viking (reddish shades), Gallowglass or mercenary Scots (purple shades) and Scots Clans (blue shades). It is an historical representation of Ireland before its reconquest by the English that began with Henry VIII almost 500 years ago. Castles of Ireland MapFrom a Scientists perspective anyone with Irish ancestry can potentially trace ancestry to one of these prominent Clans, the lesser Clans and Families were usually related or emerged from these larger Clans. Hence DNA can place one's ancestor in one of these medieval territories. In my own example my 'Bowe's' ancestors were related to the O'Carroll's who had a territory in the centre of Ireland. The Clan map was constructed based on the location of 1,375 Castles in Ireland who's details (name, Clan/Family associated with it, and geographical location) are detailed. It proved impossible to show all the detail on a single map. Proceed to Shop to purchase. 

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes