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Irish Origenes Flesh and Blood Presentation Slides

It was a pleasure to present at the Biotechnology Irelands ‘Flesh and Blood, Genetics meets Genealogy’ networking event in Dublin. The event was organised by Dr Jim Ryan who is passionate about genealogy and runs Flyleaf Press; an independent publisher specialising in Irish Family History. Since Irish researchers at Trinity College Dublin have produced some of the ground breaking research in this field (click on the accompanying image to see their papers) I was particularly pleased to hear and meet Professor Dan Bradley who first described the ‘Niall of the Nine Hostages’ M222 marker. It was also a pleasure to hear Dr Maurice Gleeson a psychiatrist, pharmaceutical physician, part-time actor, a member of ISOGG, who in his spare time runs the Spearin and iCARA DNA study groups. He is also organising the Genetic Genealogy 2013 event (click here). I wish I was half as articulate as these guys but I think I got my message across. I was pleased that Professor Bradley was impressed that I had made the connection to a geographical location (with commercial ancestral Y-DNA data), very encouraging as without Professor Bradleys ground-breaking papers I would not be doing what I do now.  It was also encouraging to hear that his research group may be re-entering this research field after a number of years absent.

My own presentation slides can be downloaded here. The slides detail my methodology of pinpointing the origin for a direct male ancestor an estimated 1000 years ago when paternally inherited surnames became common (using commercial ancestral Y-DNA test results). The presentation also details where I believe the science and technology is heading. If you have any questions regarding the slides email me ( or cotact me here.

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