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Irish Origenes Magazine Articles and Scientific Papers


Feb 2014: 'How To Find Your Genetic Homeland' in Family Tree Magazine (Full article can be read here)

Oct 2013: ‘What Can Your Genes Tell About You’ in Family History at your Fingertips a Magazine-Book published by Family Tree Magazine.

July 2013: ‘Clan MacKenzies Norman Irish Roots as Revealed by Commercial DNA Testing,’ Family Chronicle Magazine (MacKenzies Case Study available here).

March 2012: ‘Using Your DNA to Pinpoint Your Irish Genetic Homeland,’ Irish Roots Magazine. Issue 102. (article accessible here)

Sept 2012: ‘The Gallowglass, Do You Belong to a Warrior Clan,’ Celtic Guide eMagazine (article accessible here).

July 2012: ‘The Castles of Kilkenny,’ Irish Lives Remembered eMagazine (article accessible here),

May 2012 ‘The Hand Y-DNA Case Study’ featured in the Irish-American Society of New Mexico Newsletter.

March 2012: ‘DNA and Genealogy Working Together,’ Irish Roots Magazine, Issue 93.


Using Y Chromosome DNA Testing to Pinpoint a Genetic Homeland. Bowes, T. Surname DNA Journal. 2013 (link to blog post and paper).

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