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Irish Origenes Presentation in Coleraine November 2013

It was with great pleasure that I gave a talk to the Coleraine Branch of the North of Ireland Family History Society ( At that talk I was able to reveal my first attempt as a tentative tribal map of medieval Ireland (Pre-Norman) based on the many Y-DNA Case Studies that I have done to date. This map shows a clear North-South and East-West divide in the population of Ireland. This is easily explained by the fact that the two major migration routes into Ireland are via Scotland in the North and Wales and England in the south. Each wave of migration pushes the earlier arrivals further west, hence the clear east west divide. How many waves and how many people can only be guessed at at present, but as more people test the answer will be revealed. In addition it is important to remember that there was 2 way traffic in the movement of people between Britain and Ireland and ‘ancient Irish Y-DNA’ signatures appear in much of the Plantation-Scots who came to Ireland in the 17th Century. A direct result of the Hiberno-Norse conquest of Galloway by the Norwegian King Magnus Barelegs in about 1100AD. There are also plenty of Y-DNA Case Studies detailed in my presentation, all with a North of Irish association (Gaels, Viking, and Planters). The slides from my talk can now be downloaded here. If you have any questions or want a FREE CONSULTATION on your Y-DNA results you can contact me here.

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