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Irish Origenes Presentation at Genetic Genealogy Ireland

On Saturday 19th of October I gave a presentation at the Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2013 event at the RDS in Dublin, Ireland. The event was sponsored by Family Tree DNA and organised by Dr Maurice Gleeson and the International Society of Genetic Genealogists. Thanks to Maurice my presentation can now be viewed on You Tube click here (complete with audio, so be sure to check the speaker volume on your laptop/computer). My presentation focused on the Y-DNA test results and details how to use the resources on the Irish Origenes website including the Irish surname distribution map database, Surnames of Ireland Map, Clan Territories of Ireland Map, and Castles of Ireland Map to pinpoint where ones Irish paternal ancestors lived when paternally inherited surnames became common in Ireland (which was approximately 1000 years). There are 4 practical examples or Irish Case Studies featured in the presentation; Bowes, Durkin, Hart, and McClelland. To celebrate the success of the first Irish Genetic Genealogy event the 3 Irish Origenes maps can now be purchased together for a short period at a special discount rate of $49.99 CLICK HERE.

The McClelland Case Study has not been featured previously and is particularly notable in demonstrating how traditional genealogy and the Y-DNA results can reconstruct ones paternal ancestral journey over thousands of years. In the M222+ve McClelland Case Study I could pinpoint 3 areas where Mr McClelland's ancestors lived! The Irish Origenes presentation slides can be accessed here. If you have had a Y-DNA test then contact me an here for a FREE CONSULTATION/ANALYSIS. Remember there is an 80% success rate for those with paternal Irish ancestry!! If I cannot pinpoint an origin I'll explain why and detail ways of improving ones chances of success. Where will your DNA take you?

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