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New Case Study added

A big thank you to Mr Kirk for allowing me to publish his Case Study online. What struck me first when analysing Mr Kirk's DNA results was the sheer volume of matches to other people with whom he shared a common male ancestor (and who have also tested). I therefore advised Mr Kirk to upgrade to the 67 Marker level which allowed me then to pinpoint his 'Genetic Homeland.' His reoccurring surname matches localised to a very small area within County Derry in Northern Ireland. His ancestors were the Derry 'McKenna's,' unrelated to the more numerous Monaghan McKenna's found further south. Mr Kirk's reoccurring surname matches localised to the farmland just east of a town called Maghera and close to this area one finds the townland of 'MacKnagh' anglicised over the centuries to MacKenna. The area is still farmed by the McKenna's and DNA testing of these farmers sould confirm the area as Mr Kirk's Genetic Homeland. The complete report can be downlaoded and studied here. If you have had a commercial ancestral Y-DNA test and you want to pinpoint an origin for your ancestors you can contact me directly ( as consultations are free.

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