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New Kelly Case Study added to the Irish Origenes Website

The surname Kelly is the second most common surname found in Ireland. Many people with this surname will have no idea where their Kelly ancestors originate from, and probably think that they will never be able to find out where. I am delighted therefore to have gotten permission to publish the first Case Study on a test subject called 'Kelly.' Mr Kelly's Y-DNA test results revealed that he was still descended (after an estimated 1000 years) from a Kelly 'Adam' (the first to pick that surname). However with the Kelly surname there may have been many Kelly-Adam's who were unrelated and lived in multiple different locations (see map). But the surnames of the people with whom the test subject Mr Kelly's shared a common male ancestor revealed that his Kelly 'Adam' lived in east Mayo close to a place called Kilkelly, to read the full report click here. I am also delighted to learn that Mr Kelly will be visiting Kilkelly in the summer. He may be able to convince a few local Kelly's to take a Y-DNA test to confirm his ancestral link to the area (my recruiting tip: visit a pub and buy them a pint first). If you are a Kelly, or have had a Y-DNA test then contact me here as I do a free analysis of one's DNA results, if you have not tested then contact me and I'll explain how to go about the DNA testing.

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