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New Website launched dedicated to the Origenes Maps!

Irish and Scottish Origenes have launch a NEW FREE website ( dedicated to the Origenes maps series, where one can zoom in and explore the surnames, clans, castles, and DNA maps of Ireland and Scotland. The maps are exclusive to Origenes Maps (they are not available to view anywhere else). The maps are the most accurate ever produced, and have the added bonus of being designed for use with commercial ancestral DNA test results. We have decided to make the website completely FREE! At present there are 8 maps to select from (more will be added) and there are accompanying blogs demonstrating how to use the maps with your commercial ancestral DNA results (Y-DNA, Autosomal and mtDNA).

There will be no more print runs of the Irish or Scottish Origenes maps (we live in an environmentally friendly digital age). So, if you would still like hard copies then you can purchase them while stocks last (click here). In future, hard copies of the maps will only be produced individually upon request (which is more expensive).

Simply click, select and EXPLORE!

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes