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New 'What's in a Name?' Map (April 2024)

When one translates the 'original' Gaelic Irish surnames (see NEW Gaelic Ireland map click here) into English it reveals that they are essentially descriptive, describing a notable trait of a founding ancestor, that ancestor could have been good, bad, ugly, or courageous. He may have been a particularly religious individual who was a devotee of a particular saint. He may have been red, black, brown, or blond haired or even bald, or it may have been his dark or ruddy complexion that stuck out. Maybe it was his profession, possibly a poet, satirist or just a simple Viking or rather raider from across the seas. By translating each Medieval Irish surname into its basic descriptive form, it gives one an insight into the people of Ireland prior to the destruction of the Gaelic world in the 16th Century. Not so much a land of Saints and Scholars, rather a land of the Courageous Noble Warriors (and Saints)? What or rather WHO will you DNA reveal? Contact Irish Origenes for a FREE CONSULTATION CLICK HERE.

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes