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OriGENES presentation for FTDNA at WDYTYA LIVE 2013

I was a guest speaker for Family Tree DNA at the 2013 Who Do You Think You Are LIVE event in London. The slides for that talk can now be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. This is my second set of talks that I have given at the request of Family Tree DNA (the first at the 2012 FTDNA Conference). In this set of talks given over 3 days I explain how the surnames of the people with whom one shares a common male ancestor as revealed by the Y-DNA test can be used to PINPOINT where one's direct male ancestor lived when he first picked his surname (surnames became common in Europe approximately 1000 years ago). Put very simply those surnames arose among a group of related males living in a very specific location, find out where those surnames originate and you'll reveal a common area of association..... literally revealing your paternal GENETIC HOMELAND. If your ancestors were in their Genetic Homeland 1000 years ago, his descendants (your distant relatives) are still living there even today, to confirm the paternal ancestral link with the identified area one simply has to recruit males living in that location for a Y-DNA test. The DNA does not lie!

There are now 3 websites; Irish, Scottish, and English Origenes, with a Welsh version in production. The talk demonstrates practical examples for those wishing to pinpoint their own Irish, Scottish, or English paternal Genetic Homeland, detailing the resources that one will need and the factors one needs to take into consideration. It also details the very exciting new Genetic Homeland website which is focused on Ireland but which we hope to expand in time to cover Scotland, England, and Wales. Remember I do a free consultation for those wishing to Pinpoint their own personal Genetic Homeland, the consultation is free as it will not work for everyone, it is dependent on both the quality and quantity of Y-DNA matches! If I can Pinpoint an origin you can decide whether or not to proceed with a Case Study, if I cannot I'll explain why and suggest ways of improving success. FOR A FREE CONSULTATION YOU CAN CONTACT ME HERE

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes