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Saint Patrick's Day 2019 SALE

The range of Irish Origenes maps has been completed just in time for Saint Patrick's day 2019!

To celebrate, each map is available individually for $19.99, and all 4 maps can be purchased together at a discount for $59.99 (includes postage and packaging).

The maps are the most indepth ever, the two Irish Surnames maps (Medieval and Plantation) detail 99.5% of the surnames that have ever been recorded within Ireland. Among the many thousands of surnames they include those of Celtic-Brythonic, Celtic-Gaelic, Viking, Norman, Gallowglass, and later Plantation origin (Scots, Scots-Irish, Ulster-Scots, Anglo-Irish, English, Welsh and even Pallantine surnames). The Clan map details the territories of over 400 of the most notable (Pre-Plantation) Clans and Families, together with the most up to date facts on Irish DNA markers including some fascinating Irish DNA stats! The Clan map was reconstructed based on the location of nearly 1,400 castles and towerhouses scattered throughout Ireland and which are detailed in the Castles map.

To purchase all 4 Irish Origenes maps for $59.99 CLICK HERE

To Purchase the Irish Medieval Surnames map for $19.99 CLICK HERE

To Purchase the Irish Clan Territories and DNA Map for $19.99 CLICK HERE

To Purchase the Irish Castles Map for $19.99 CLICK HERE

To Purchase the Plantation (Scots-Irish) Surnames of Ireland Map for $19.99 CLICK HERE 

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes