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Separated at birth 1000 years ago!

Its not everyday that you get to meet someone with whom you share a common male ancestor from approximately 1000 years ago. The accompanying picture is of Joe Dooley (right) and I (Dr Tyrone Bowes) and our commercial ancestral Y-DNA results reveal that we are related. Joe’s full Y-DNA Case Study report can be studied by clicking here.

Our Y-DNA results revealed that our common ancestor lived in County Laois in the Irish Midlands and when it came to taking surnames my ancestor became O’Boe (Bowes) and Joe’s became O’Duibhlaoich (Dooley), other male relatives in the area took surnames like Flanagan and O’Carroll. Farmers with these surnames still cluster in, or close to County Laois and it is no surprise that Joe can trace his paternal Dooley ancestors using the conventional genealogical papertrail approach to a place called Trumra in Central Laois nearly 200 years ago. This is the first time that I have seen someone connect their ancestral papertrail to the area identified by their DNA, all of which confirms that Joe’s paternal ancestors have been in Laois for over 1000 years (and that his distant relatives still live there). In addition there is a wealth of historical information on the Dooleys of Laois whose hereditary role was to crown the Kings of the O'Carrolls' (the Ely O'Carrolls of neighbouring Southern Offaly). In fact both Joe and I are a DNA match with a direct descendant of the hereditary Kings of the Ely O'Carrolls one of whom was Charles Carroll of Carrollton (Signatory of the US Declaration of Independence). That finding is an added bonus for Joe who was elected President General of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution, in July, 2013.

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