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Slides from my talks on Irish DNA in Seattle and Portland

Had a great time in Portland and Seattle on my mini speaking tour of the Pacific Northwest, even managed to make a brief appearance on Seattle TV. I met some very passionate people and even a few of my customers. The slides from my talks are now available to download (see links below). If you choose to use some of the images all I ask is that you mention the source ( A special thank you to the guys who organised Irish Week 2014 in Seattle ( and helped me over there including John Keane, Heather Murphy and Nanci Spieker for organising my visit, putting up with me for a few days, and for ferrying me about (much appreciated). I'd also like to thank the O'Connells, Don Anderson and Sharyle Kingston of the Oregon Irish Club, also known as the All-Ireland Cultural Society ( for taking care of me while in Portland. Go raibh maith agaibh! Hope you guys enjoyed the talks.

Each talk was split into 3 sessions.

Session 1 (History, Genes, and Geography) can be downloaded by clicking here and gives a brief history of the human settlement of Ireland. It also reveals what the DNA Case Studies have revealed about the genetic makeup of the Irish.

Session 2 (How to Pinpoint Your Irish Paternal Ancestral Genetic Homeland) can be downloaded by clicking here. Those slides give a little bit of science and an introduction to the different DNA tests. It also features my own DNA results that pinpointed my paternal origin to County Laois in the Irish Midlands.

Session 3 (Case Studies) can be downloaded by clicking here. It details 3 Irish Y-DNA Case Studies (Hart(Gael), Egan(Viking) Durkin(Norman), and McClelland(Plantation Scot)) plus my first successful autosomal analysis (Irish ‘Bain’).

If you would like me to do a FREE CONSULTATION on your DNA results, or if you have a question that you would like to ask about my talk then you can contact me here.

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