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Success with ANCESTRY.COM Y-DNA results!

This has come as a big surprise to me as I was not confident in ever being able to Pinpoint a paternal origin within Ireland, Scotland, England, or Wales based on the results of's Y-DNA results.  Firstly their DNA testing is only available in the USA and secondly their database of people taking their Y-DNA test is smaller than FTDNA's. But when I was contacted by an customer who had had their Y-DNA results I decided to give it a try. The gentleman who'd taked the test was a Fitzsimmons and as I scrolled through the surnames of the people with whom he shared a common male ancestor (who'd also tested with I was stunned to see all those surnames localising to within a single area in Ireland (within County Cavan, see image). 

The success with Y-DNA results is due to the fine detail that has been achieved in Irish Origenes 'farmer clustering database.' This database shows where farmers (heads of household) with a particular surname cluster within Ireland in 1911. The beauty about Ireland is that farmers could still be found farming the lands their ancestors had settled 100's if not 1000's of years ago. They are farming the lands where their direct male ancestor lived when he assumed a surname. The Irish Origenes 'farmer clusters database' shows about 9,000 such clusters associated with approximately 5000 Irish surnames. Many of those surnames are unique to a specific location (see starred pins in Farmer cluster image)! All one has to do is to plot where farmers with the surnames that appear in one's FTDNA or Y-DNA results occur within Ireland, where they cluster is the area where one's direct male ancestor lived approximately 1000 years ago when first took a surname. This is a purely scientific approach and the DNA does not lie! One can Y-DNA test individuals living in the identified location and confirm the ancestral link to that area. The farmer cluster database, Irish placenames database (listing placenames associated with surnames) and the Irish Castles database (>400 Clans represented) are available to browse at the NEW GENETIC HOMELAND website (

In this manner Mr Fitzsimmons was able to demonstrate a long ancestral link to the area around the town of Ballyjamesduff in County Cavan, his family plan to visit this area in the future and I hope they will bring alond some Y-DNA test kits and test some people still living there to conclusively confirm the ancestral link! If you want to download and read the complete Case Study Report CLICK HERE.

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