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Surnames of Ireland map (poster)

Surnames of Ireland MapIt took me a few weeks, but I am very proud to have completed this. I was also surprised by some associations with some areas; Viking Surnames in particular areas where one would not usually expect them!

Gallowglass families turning up in unusual places and also the extent of the spread of the Norman sphere of influence! Each Clan/Surname is colour coded; Irish Surnames/Clans in Green, Norman Families in Red, Viking in Black, and Gallowglass (Mercenary Scottish Clans recruited by Irish Clans) in Purple font.

The map is 79cm by 100cm (34 by 39 in). The idea is to stick this map on your wall, and stick pins on your Surname and Surnames of the people you match genetically (i.e. your 'Genetic Matches' from Y Chromosome DNA testing) to reveal your GENETIC HOMELAND!

All members will receive a copy of this comprehensive map of medieval Ireland that displays the location of over 1,800 of Irish clans and families, free. The map is also available to purchase for just $19.99 for non-members.

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English Origenes

Scottish Origenes