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Updated and complete Clan Map of Ireland

As far as I am aware there has not been an updated 'Surnames of Ireland map' created in a long time. The most famous one was produced by the late (and great) Edward MacLysaght.

Medieval Ireland Surname MapAlthough he did an excellent job he did not have the benefit of todays research tools; Computers, online census data, mapping software, Google Earth and online Ordinance Survey Ireland maps (osi). Additionally he would have been unaware of the power of DNA analysis in deciphering the relationships between Clans! For example my own Clan Bowe (which never appeared on MacLysaght's map) had territory in Laois and Kilkenny and was related to the Dooley's and Carroll's. 

I am currently producing an updated Clan map (poster size) of Ireland which will be available for purchase from the website. It will show the Medieval location of all of the estimated 1,800 Irish Clans, Viking Surnames, Norman Families and Gallowglass Clans. 

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes