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Using Your DNA to Pinpoint Your McCauley origin!

I’ve been busy recently doing Case Studies and working on a Surnames and Y-DNA Map of Scotland. But this McCauley Case Study is of particularly interest to me and hence I’d like to share its results. Firstly the test subject is M222+ve which means he had many matches which required me to advise the test subject (Mr McCauley) to upgrade to 111 markers. In addition the McCauley surname can be of Irish or Scottish origin (there were potentially 4 different McCauley Clans) and given the many movements back and forth between these two lands (over many millennia) it is only possible to determine with the Y-DNA test results whether ones McCauley ancestor was of Irish or Scottish origin. If your Scottish McCauley ancestor arrived in Ireland then the DNA can often indicate whether they were of Gallowglass or later Planter origin. The full Y-DNA Case Study can be downloaded by clicking here. If you have any questions or would like a FREE CONSULTATION on your DNA results or would like to know how to take a DNA test then contact me here.  If you are an M222+ve McCauley and believe that you may be a DNA match to the test subject (and hence the results of the Case Study would apply to you) or you are a McCauley with ancestral links with Inishowen then please contact Jerry McCauley (

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes