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Using Your DNA to Trace Your Scots-Irish Ancestors

I recently completed one of the most in-depth genetic genealogy Case Studies for a gentleman based on the Isle of Man called Bill Henderson. He had contacted me to do a free analysis on his Y-DNA results and then commissioned me to do a report for him. I have broken his Case Study into 3 parts. The first part details how I identified his paternal ancestral genetic homeland using his commercial ancestral Y-DNA results, or put simply where his Scottish Henderson ancestors lived approximately 1000 years ago. Those results are revealed in Part II (click here to download).

Many of my customers have Ulster-Scots roots and the commercial DNA results often reveal clues that now allow me to reconstruct their Ulster-Scots journey. Mr Henderson had identified using traditional or ‘paper-trail’ genealogical techniques that his ancestors were Ulster-Scots Presbyterians last recorded in Ballyagan in County Londonderry in Northern Ireland. However the information revealed by his Y-DNA results allowed me to reconstruct his ‘Ulster-Scots’ journey which began in the town of Bangor in County Down in 1606AD. That study is detailed in Part III (click here to download).   

Finally I began the task of reconstructing his distant paternal ancestral journey as recorded in his Y-DNA results. This is something that I have only started doing quite recently and its only been possible as the number of people who participate in commercial ancestral DNA testing continues to increase. My research methods revealed Mr Henderson’s distant ancestral links to 4 small areas in Europe. His DNA results also revealed that his ancestral links with Britain commenced when his Viking ancestors began raiding along the east coast of England in 793AD. By 865AD the distant genetic matches placed Mr Henderson’s Viking ancestors in Oldham in the English midlands. From there his DNA records a northerly movement into Scotland. Mr Henderson’s Viking ancestry can be explored in Part I (click here to download).

Remember that your Y-DNA matches reflect shared ancestry over many millennia! The DNA does not lie, and since this is a purely scientific approach to reconstructing ones paternal ancestral journey it means that the ancestral links with the areas identified in this report can be confirmed by Y-DNA testing individuals with particular surnames living in each location. Contact me here if you would like me to do a free consultation on your Y-DNA results and determine whether I can pinpoint where your ancestor lived 1000 years ago and whether I can reconstruct your ancestral journey over millennia. Finally, Mr Henderson is looking to make contact with people who may be able to add to his ancestral journey he can be contacted at this email address (

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes