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I want to get my DNA tested. Do you perform the DNA test?
No, anyone wishing to take a DNA test, I advise them to order a 37 Y Chromosome Marker DNA test at Family Tree DNA. They have the largest database of people tested (in excess of 200,000 people), It is the size of this database that facilitates the pinpointing of one’s ancestor, as many of the Surnames associated with Ireland are well represented. If you do decide to take the test please mention Irish Origenes. 
What does the DNA test involve?
The test involves a simple cheek swab from the inside of your mouth.
Can anyone be tested?
Only males can take the Y Chromosome test as only the Y chromosome is passed from father to son. Similarly the Surname is also usually passed from father to son! If you are female, then simply get your brother, father, grandfather or fathers uncle tested (any male relative).
I’m wary of paying online?
Membership/access to the databases are handled by Paypal, I never receive any details regarding peoples credit card details. It's completely safe.
What if my Surname is not on the database?
There are currently about 4,500 Surnames on the database, these include Native Irish, Viking, Norman, Gallowglass and in some instances to avoid confusion ‘Planter Surnames’ from the 16th and 17th Century. If you are a member and you have a Surname that is not on the database then simply email it to me, it may be that the Surname is a rare variant of a Surname already on the database. 
How do I search for Surnames beginning with O’ and Mc’? 
Surnames like O’Brien, or McNeill are listed under the Surnames database as Brien’O, and Neill’Mc. This enables members to view together all variations of Surnames that are possibly related e.g. Neill, 
Why is there no pay per view option?
As of March 2012 the databases are open to the public.
What else do have planned for the website?
I am working on a 'Battles Fought on Irish Soil Map.' I am also working on an APP for tourists that will show both the Clan territories of Ireland and the location and details of 1,375 castles in Ireland.
Is there anything else I should be reading up on that you would recommend?
Nothing beats a good Google search for any query! However for those interested in Irish History, Irish Placenames, and the Science of Surnames, I can suggested some reading material; 
  • The Anglicized words of Irish Placenames. Nonsuch Publishing, Ireland. Burnell  T (2006)
  • Atlas of Irish History (second edition). Gill and MacMillan, Ireland. Duffy S, Doherty G, Gillespie R, Kelly J, Lennon C, Smith B (2000)
  • Irish Place Names. Flanagan D, Flanagan L (2002) Gill and MacMillan, Ireland. 
  • The Surnames of Ireland. MacLysaght E (2007) Irish Academic Press, Ireland.
  • The Norman Invasion of Ireland. Roche R (1995) Anvil Books, Ireland.
Some Science papers on Genetic Genealogy;
  • Hill EW, Jobling MA, Bradley DG (2000) Y-Chromosome variation and Irish origins. Nature, 404: 351.
  • Jobling MA (2001) In the name of the father: surnames and genetics. Trends in Genetics, 17; 6: 353-357.
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Hopefully that answers a good few of your questions, but if you are unsure about anything, then please drop me a line.

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