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Free Surnames of Ireland Map for new members

Now available the most comprehensive Clan map of Ireland (free for members, $29.99 which includes postage for non-members).

Clan map of Ireland

The idea is to stick a pin on your Surname and on the Surnames of those that you match genetically to reveal your GENETIC HOMELAND. For example, my Surname is 'Bowes' and my closest genetic matches are to people called 'Carroll' and 'Dooley.' When I stick a green pin on these Surnames it shows my Ancestor was living in County Laois roughly 1,000 years ago (which is the estimated time at which he took his Surname). 


Irish Genetic HomelandThe yellow pins have been placed on the Surnames of my more distant genetic matches (Tracy, Ryan and Crowe) which can also be found surrounding my ancestors ancient Clan territory. To purchase only the map click here. If you have had a Y Chromosome DNA test and want to become a member (and receive a free map) click here.

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes