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We first need to analyse your DNA test results: CLICK HERE to contact Irish Origenes for a FREE consultation or for FREE advice in deciding which DNA test is suitable for you.

  • If we can work with your Autosomal, Y-DNA or mtDNA results then you can choose to proceed with a personalised CASE STUDY.
  • If we cannot Pinpoint where your Irish Ancestors lived then we will explain why! 
  • 95% SUCCESS RATE for those with Irish Ancestry! 
  • Once an ancestral Origin within Ireland is Pinpointed one can confirm the link by DNA testing people that still live there. 
  • We can also determine whether your Irish Ancestors were originally Gaels (Native Irish/Celts), Vikings, Normans, Gallowglass (Mercenary Scots), or Scots-Irish.

In this photo enjoying Mojito's in the London Bar in Barcelona are: Dr Gerard Donohoe, Dr Tyrone Bowes, Mr Brian Foy, Mr Colm Bell, and Mr Alan Berkery. These are some of Irish Origenes succesful Case Study participants. Based on their individual Y-DNA results, Dr Donohoe's ancestors were Gaelic Irish who lived near Killarney in County Kerry, Dr Bowes's ancestors were Gaelic Irish who lived on the Laois/Kilkenny border, Mr Brian Foy's ancestors were also Gaels who lived near Kilcoursey Castle on the Offaly/Westmeath border, Mr Colm Bell's ancestors were of Lowlander Scottish origin, while Mr Alan Berkery's ancestors were Normans who settled on the Limerick/Tipperary border. In essence this is a snapshot of the genetic makeup of modern Irish society. Click here to view Case Studies

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Scottish Origenes