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Irish Migration
A Brief History of the Human Colonisation of Ireland Humans first arrived in Ireland around 10,000 years ago after the... More
Analysis of Sullivan Surname
Approximately 66% of the present population of the Island of Ireland are descendants of ‘Native Irish Gaels' who were... More

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New 'The Clan Territories of Ireland Map'


This 2nd edition is now more detailed than ever!

Featuring over 400 of the most notable Clans and Families in Medieval Ireland. Reconstructed based on the location of nearly 1,400 castles found throughout Ireland. Payment is handled by paypal and is safe and secure (you do not need a paypal account to process a payment you can use a credit card). Price includes postage and packaging. This map is exclusive to Irish Origenes, you will not find it anywhere else! 

Price: $19.99
Dimensions: 30 in × 38 in × 0 in

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