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Irish Origenes

Saint Patrick's Day 2019 SALE

The range of Irish Origenes maps has been completed just in time for Saint Patrick's day 2019!

Clan MacKenzies Norman-Irish Roots as Revealed by Commercial Ancestral DNA Testing

Every successful Irish, Scottish, or

OriGENES presentation for FTDNA at WDYTYA LIVE 2013

I was a guest speaker for Family Tree DNA at the 2013 Who Do You Think You Are LIVE event in London.

Success with ANCESTRY.COM Y-DNA results!

This has come as a big surprise to me as I was not confident in ever being able to Pinpoint a paternal origin within Ireland, Scotland, England, or Wales based on the results of Ancest

Irish Origenes Presentation at Family Tree DNA Conference

I was invited by the world's largest commercial ancestral DNA testing Company 'Family Tree DNA' to give a talk entitled 'Pinpointing a Geographical Origin' at their

Irish Origenes exhibits at ESOF2012

I recently exhibited the Irish, Scottish, and English Origenes websites at the ESOF 2012 confe

Using DNA to Pinpoint Your Irish Genetic Homeland

To explain how DNA can shed light on one’s Irish ancestry requires a brief reminder of a crucial biological event. This event is the moment of conception, the point at which we receive half of our DNA in the form of chromosomes from each parent.

National Archives of Ireland adds link to Irish Origenes website

The data used to construct the surname distribution maps (nearly 5,000) was taken from the 1911 census of Ireland.

Discover Northern Ireland links Irish Origenes

There is now a link to the Irish Origenes website from the Discover Northern Ireland Tourist board.


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