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Commercial ancestral DNA testing reveals the Genetic Diversity of Ireland

The power of commercial ancestral DNA testing continues to amaze me.

First Case study exhibiting VIKING ancestry added to Irish Origenes

I am delighted to have performed a successful Case Study for a Customer with very strong evidence of Viking ancestry in their commercial ancestral Y-DNA results. This included a DNA signature more typical

First Case Study demonstrating Norman ancestry added to Irish Origenes!

Norman KnightWhen the Normans arrived in Ireland in 1169 AD they brought with them their followers from England, Wales, and even continental Europe. 

Irish Origenes features on Irish lives remembered

I recently wrote a short article on the Castles of Kilkenny for the exciting new freely accessible on-line Genealogy magazine called Irish Lives remembered.

New 'Hand' Case Study Added

When I get a reply to a Case study like the one below, I know I made the right decision in putting the Irish Origenes website together:

Castles of Ireland illustrates the extent of Norman settlement in Ireland

This is an early image from my days making the Castles of Ireland map.


English Origenes

Scottish Origenes