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First Ever Plantation Surnames of Ireland Map

The Plantation Surnames of Ireland (Scots-Irish) Map is now available to purchase (click here).

The Origin of the Irish and Scottish Gaels as revealed by their DNA

Celts and Romans fightingPART II: The origin of the Gaels has remained a mystery until the advent of modern commercial ancestral DNA testing.

When did R-M222 first appear in Inishowen?

By examining the genetic distance between selected members of the R-M222 family and comparing it to the timetable developed by Scottish Origenes one can determine when the R-M222 Adam lived.

The Spread of M222

‘Vikings,’ ‘Foreign Helpers’ and ‘Raiders from across the Sea’

The Gallowglass 'Do You Belong To A Warrior Clan'


New 'Hickey' Case Study Added

I always ask my customers to allow me to publish online their Case Studies, and thank you to Mr Hickey for allowing me to do this. The objective is 2 fold; Firstly everyone's DNA story is different and the more examples that can be put on the website the more people can understand the process and apply this technique to their own DNA results. Secondly I hope it will encourage more people to take the DNA tests, as at the end of the day the findings from each of these Case Studies can be confirmed through DNA testing.

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes