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Where did your Dublin City Ancestors come from?

First Ever Plantation Surnames of Ireland Map

The Plantation Surnames of Ireland (Scots-Irish) Map is now available to purchase (click here).

Success with ANCESTRY.COM Y-DNA results!

This has come as a big surprise to me as I was not confident in ever being able to Pinpoint a paternal origin within Ireland, Scotland, England, or Wales based on the results of Ancest

Irish Origenes Presentation at Family Tree DNA Conference

I was invited by the world's largest commercial ancestral DNA testing Company 'Family Tree DNA' to give a talk entitled 'Pinpointing a Geographical Origin' at their

Cork Surnames part II 'Norman Surnames'

County Cork in the southwest of Ireland was effective conquered and settled by the Normans, and their English, Welsh and Flemish allies.

Cork Surnames

This map (click to enlarge) shows the location where farmers with surnames of Gaelic origin clustered in County Cork in Ireland in 1911.

Castles of Ireland illustrates the extent of Norman settlement in Ireland

This is an early image from my days making the Castles of Ireland map.

Free Surnames of Ireland Map for new members

Now available the most comprehensive Clan map of Ireland (free for members, $29.99 which includes postage for non-members).

Clan map of Ireland

English Origenes

Scottish Origenes